About me

Throughout school I was always scribbling Iron Maiden's Eddie and various logos all over my books and schoolbags. It was an obsession and I started doing my own designs, until there was always someone asking me to do an artwork for them. Names like Derek Riggs, Ed Repka, Dan Seagrave, Hugh Syme and Storm Thorgerson started popping up and it was interesting to see how their work was synonymous with certain music genres.

Knowing what my favorite pastime was, made it inevitable that I wasn't going to study law or become a doctor. God forbid! However, I also understood that fine art wasn't going to pay bills either, so I ended ended up doing a course in Art Direction in Cape Town, South Africa. From there onwards I went from junior to senior art director through various international network affiliated ad agencies, working on various accounts mainly in the African region.

Over the years I continued creating music-orientated work for myself, labels, concerts or bands on the sideline. Only recently the urge to focus more on this kind of art, and do it commercially, became clear to me. Especially image manipulation and using pre-photographed images to put together compositions which make up another greater image took my fancy. 

This website was set up to showcase my old work, current ideas and hopefully serve as a platform to attract future projects from musicians abroad. Enjoy, and I look forward to working with you.

Johan de Jager